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EatOut Critic’s review of Newstead Wines

Newstead Wine Farm reviewed by EatOut Critic

Newstead Wine Farm reviewed by EatOut CriticThe gorgeous Plettenberg Bay wine region has thrived into a fully fledged destination for holidaymakers and serious lovers of the grape. Among the best is Newstead, a boutique winery known for its award-winning sauvignon blanc, chardonnay and pinot noir, and for being the official supplier for Plett International Polo.

The members of the Lund family are intent on approaching everything from wine making to cooking delicious food with their own brand of elegance and simplicity. They are understandably proud of their achievements and invite guests to their stylish, relaxed farmhouse to enjoy the wines, casual lunches and celebrations.

Picnic type fare is amped up to include delectable, small thin-crusted pizzas, and rare roast beef prepared in the pizza oven. Menus are seasonal, but you can expect shareable portions featuring the best of local products and produce from Newstead’s own garden. Good wine pairing options include salmon pâté, delicately flavoured with dill, which arrives with crisp, house-made melba toast.

Picnic boxes serving two or four offer a range of tastes. Included are three excellent cheeses, a variety of pesto, hummus, and spreads, plus freshly baked bread. A light and crisp beetroot salad with the thinnest slivers of apple and tiny balls of goat’s cheese is pulled together with perfectly balanced honey vinaigrette and finished with pine nuts.

Newstead Wine Farm reviewed by EatOut CriticDesserts change on a daily basis and go well with the Newstead-style cappuccino: espresso accompanied by a pitcher of foamy hot milk for guests to mix as they wish.


The award-winning Newstead wines are classy, cultured, and pair beautifully with food. The sauvignon blanc and unwooded chardonnay are fresh, light and easy to love. The crispy MCC is bright and celebration worthy. Inventive cocktails of gin infused with herbs and spices are featured along with an array of spirits and craft beers.


Located in The Crags, the farm is just a short drive off the main road. Simple, elegant and tranquil, the farmhouse is surrounded by beautifully kept vines and rounded hills in the distance. You might be seated in the shelter of the pergola, at picnic tables under enormous umbrellas, or on the stoop, facing the vineyards. After lunch, perch on a barstool at the gin-and-bubbly bar. Elegant touches include locally woven linen napery and blankets when it’s chilly.

Newstead Wine Farm reviewed by EatOut CriticService

Guests are greeted warmly by the hostess, who explains the menu and serves as expert sommelier to acquaint you with the Newstead range. The waiters are warm and caring, and dishes are served at a thoughtful pace so each can be savoured.


A wine tasting of three Newstead wines is available with lunch or on its own.

Charlotte Pregnolato for EatOut 
(July 2017)